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Justice for Grenfell, Three Years On

Here's how to hold the UK Government accountable for the tragic, avoidable fire that broke out on June 14 2017.

Sunday marks the third anniversary of the Grenfell fire, which tragically killed 72 people in 2017. The devastating effects of the west London blaze have since been attributed to a flammable cladding coating the building — a material which still covers 23,000 households in the UK. 

Justice4Grenfell, a group of campaigners looking for justice in the aftermaths of the fire, is currently asking the public to write to their MP demanding a deadline and detailed timeline for the removal of all flammable cladding in the UK. Their advice is particularly important due to the current state of lockdown — at a time where we are urged to stay in our homes more than ever, it is important that we are all safe.

In 2019, James Brokenshire (the then communities secretary) vouched that dangerous aluminium composite material cladding would be removed from all buildings by June 2020, but this promise has yet to materialise. 

The spokesperson for Justice4Grenfell, Yvette Williams, has said; “For the people affected there is still no clear understanding of the time-frame to have these panels removed.” She also added that the UK Government should act swiftly and with integrity to prevent another catastrophe, saying; “We believe the Government needs to act with urgency and set clear timings for completion and take accountability for an expedient removal.”

On Sunday (14 June) churches across London will ring their bells 72 times in remembrance of the fire’s victims. 

See below for a shareable graphic, created by Justice4Grenfell, to spread awareness on social media, providing information on how to raise awareness. 

10 June 2020