11 January 2023

JW Anderson is now championing amphibian chic

The eccentric footwear was shared as a teaser for the brand’s upcoming Milan Fashion Week collection.

How many times have you laid eyes on a pair of clogs and thought, “I really wish these were more amphibian-like”? Not once? Well, JW Anderson has – and now they’re bringing that dream to life with, for lack of a better term, a pair of frog clogs.

The googly-eyed kicks were revealed as a teaser for the brand’s upcoming Milan Fashion Week, and they’ve got everybody talking. Creative director Jonathen Anderson shared an image of the shoes on his Instagram simply captioned “Milan” while the brand’s account shared a clip of the clogs on feet, with one user commenting “SCREAMING” – which is exactly what we’d be doing if someone approached us in them down a dark alley. 

The waterproof slip-ons come complete with bulging amphibian eyes, a rubber green upper and a bright-red sole. The clogs are speculated to be a collaboration between JW Anderson and Wellipets, a British rain brand known for its frog and animal-shaped rain boots. 

Of course, JW Anderson is no stranger to looking at the animal kingdom for inspiration for their designs. Take their incredibly popular Pigeon Clutch, for instance, which sold out in a matter of minutes upon release – and was famously sported by Sarah Jessica Parker.

So, if you’re looking for a style revamp this year, why not give amphibian chic a go?

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit JW Anderson

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