12 August 2022

Kamille’s empowering and powerful track ‘Weight Loss’ is our tune of the week

The Grammy-nominated singer puts on a display of lyrical and vocal dominance.

Singer-songwriter Kamille has blessed our ears with the release of her latest stunning single, ‘Weight Loss.’ If you’re somehow unaware of the star, this track is the perfect introduction.

The musician has already garnered enough accolades in her short solo career to make any fully-fledged global superstar proud. Her songwriting credits for the likes of Dua Lipa and AJ Tracey have amassed over 7.8 billion streams and her 24 UK platinum certificates certainly make her one to watch out for. 

However, it’s her own music that is now creating waves across the music industry, following on from the beautifully haunting ‘Learning’ her new release is yet another glistening example of her immeasurable talent. The high-octane pop-anthem is an empowering and introspective cut, relating the feeling of weight loss to that of cutting off a toxic relationship. Once again, Kamille’s lyrical prowess takes centre stage. Combine that with her silky yet commanding vocals and the star has cemented herself as one of the UK’s standout acts.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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