Kara Marni – “Young Heart”

The rising singer-songwriter is premiering an exclusive version of her latest single alongside technicolour visuals directed by Jordan Rossi.

She might be just twenty-one, but Kara Marni already has a lifetime of experience. After honing her craft throughout her teens, she’s now racked up millions of streams and has played the likes of Glastonbury and Wireless. 

On her latest single “Young Heart”, featuring US rapper Russ, she’s reached a new musical maturity as her supple vocals tell a tale of heartbreak that draws to mind any one of pop’s classic anthems. Speaking to HUNGER, Kara described the track as “the biggest achievement” of her career so far, going on to explain that it has made her “realise quite how far I’ve come” as an artist.

To celebrate her VERO takeover, she’s releasing an exclusive, paired-back version of “Young Heart” alongside neon-drenched visuals by Jordan Rossi. Check out the full song and video below – just don’t blame us if you get stuck thinking about your ex. 

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10 August 2020