5 March 2020

Katy Perry announces pregnancy with “Never Worn White”

Important question: is she using her unborn child to promote her latest single?!

Katy Perry has played many roles in her decades-long career. Christian pop singer, bicurious party girl, cutesy California girl, rampant cultural appropriator…the list goes on. But beatific mother? Not something we’ve seen from Ms Perry before.

This is why we were collectively shooketh when she announced, by way of a music video dropping last night, that she was officially with child. After months of craftily hiding her advanced pregnancy, the visuals for down-tempo ballad “Never Worn White” saw her bedecked in Midsommar-style florals one minute and (gasp!) caressing her bump the next. 

The lyrics match the soft visuals, and Katy pours open her heart with lines like “I let my guard down, to show you what’s underneath” and “You love the Hell out of me, And Heaven’s where we could be.” Discussing her tribulations over marrying on-and-off-again boyfriend (and presumed father of child) Orlando Bloom after that whole Russel Brand thing, it’s one of the most personal tracks we’ve seen from her in a while. 

Our major takeaway is this: if Katy’s using her unborn baby for PR, that child had better get one hell of a birthday present to make up for it. 

Get your tissues at the ready and watch the full video below.

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