Kickstart your weekend with an exclusive playlist by Shanti Celeste

The DJ and producer selects a playlist of rousing floor-fillers to get your weekend started off right.

Who doesn’t love Shanti Celeste? The DJ and producer is known for feel-good sets enveloping party-goers in a warm embrace of rave-inflected house and atmospheric techno. Like all good selectors, she brings an emotional intelligence to her sets and can expertly catch a vibe, steering the room towards those rare moments of euphoria that make the clubbing experience worth it.

Born in Chile, she’s since lived in London, Berlin and Bristol — the latter being where she cut her teeth as a DJ, also clocking up time behind the counter at cult record shop Idle Hands. Building on her dance-floor endeavours, she’s currently an NTS Radio resident and helms her own label: Peach Discs. Over the years, she’s transitioned to taste-maker status, trading off the acclaim of EPs like the ambient-heavy “Make Time” to become one of the scene’s defining artists. On socials, you’ll catch her as part of a DJ power crew that also includes Moxie, Peach and Saoirse — a group that embodies the Discwoman “amplify each other” ethos whilst having more fun than anyone else on the scene, despite near non-stop hustle. 

Today, all eyes and ears are trained on Shanti as she drops debut album Tangerine. Departing from the perfectionism that racked the creative process of her EPs, she was able to embrace a more fluid form of music-making. “When I made music for EPs, sometimes I felt restricted,” she says. “I would think too much about creating the moments on the dancefloor I love – seeing visions of ecstatic people hugging, I didn’t give myself free reign to express all of myself. Writing an album made me feel free of all this because it seemed like an open-ended project. I could just keep creating until I felt like stopping.” 

In celebration of Tangerine’s release, Shanti has curated an exclusive playlist of her dance-floor faves for HUNGER TV. Taking you through 90’s house to a dub-infused crowd-pleaser via under the radar hardcore and an unreleased gem from Daisy Moon, it’s the perfect antidote to winter blues. Read on to see what Shanti has in store… 


Paper Moon – Squeeze

“I quite like starting my sets with this one, it sets a nice positive and hopeful tone because of its melodies and the energy throughout. All this serves as a nice marker that something is about to begin.”

Cliffhanger – Vibrations

“I love how fast and urgent this is, yet still super deep and hypnotic.”

Mark Seven – Clonk

“This is a tool and a banger at the same time. I can mix it with anything as it has no real melodies but it keeps the energy because its so jacking. I like how fast it is too.”

DJ NEX – Rock The Place

“BANGER! I love Hardcore.”

Daisy Moon – Halcyon (unreleased)

“One of my best friends made this EP and its beautiful. It’s her first release and I’ve been playing all of the tracks on it a lot. Out soon!”

Soul Capsule – Las Ramblas pt. 2

“I’ve been playing this a lot recently when my set needs a bit of a deep moment. The vocal sample is really nice and its just a nice little grover.”

Wyndell Long – She

“This is one of my fave house tunes. Bought the vinyl many years ago and recently dug it out again to play.  Also very groovy and a little bit cheeky.”

Khshathra – Into Your Soul (Karima F’s You’re Terrific When You’re Drunk Rmx)

“This tune is great to get the energy going in my sets because it builds really well from the start and I always feel like people don’t expect it to be so dubby and then when the first drop happens, everyone seems surprised!”

15 November 2019