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‘Killing Eve’ is back and so is its killer fashion

Season 3 is dropping sooner than expected and the trailer promises some serious looks.

Back in 2018, the tv-viewing population was introduced to Killing Eve and I’m not sure we’ve ever quite recovered. Part Nikita, part Fatal Attraction, the series revolves around the mutual fascination between British intelligence officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Russian assassin for hire Villanelle (Jodie Comer) as it swings from lust to obsession to moral repulsion. Heady emotions and queer thirst aside, Villanelle’s designer clothing habit and affinity for bubblegum pink Molly Goddard flounces quickly consolidated her as an on-screen icon for our times. 

After a cruelly dramatic cliffhanger at the end of season two, it’s been announced that Killing Eve’s third season will drop two weeks sooner than expected, on 13 April. For anyone else rooting for this dysfunctional lesbian relationship or looking for relief from self-isolation boredom, this will be welcome news. The update dropped alongside a season 3 trailer, opening with a voiceover of Villanelle saying; “whenever I think about my ex, I realise I’m so much happier now she’s dead.” Shots fired!

Unfortunately for her, but luckily for the rest of us who want to see how this pans out, Eve is still alive, kicking and wearing her trusty parka. Villanelle, on the other hand, is giving us a bit more fashion variety and appears in everything from full clown regalia to a standard-issue boiler suit. We round up our fave looks from the trailer below. 

Clown Check!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The trailer opens with Villanelle making balloon animals in white face paint and a red nose at a kid’s birthday party. Knowing her, she’s either gone down the child entertainer route because she’s hit hard times financially (Molly Goddard dresses don’t grow on trees) or she’s undercover and stalking her next hit. Only time will tell, but this look is very Bella Hadid in Moschino SS20….

Music Teacher chic

We never knew that Villanelle had a passion for the arts (when would she have time?) but the trailer sees her tuning a piano in dungarees and a hair wrap. Given Villanelle’s personality, this immediately makes us think of Michael Haneke’s sadomasochistic thriller The Piano Teacher: if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. Her casual, quasi-bohemian look, on the other hand,  brings to mind something altogether less horrifying: Isabel Marant’s denim-filled SS20 collection.

Other choice looks include a white cotton eyelet bustier, a Boss Bitch blazer, Rocketman-style heart sunglasses, a housewife from hell get-up and some heavy-duty workwear. Definitely a feast for the eyes but, let’s be real, what we’re really hungry for is drama: get your fix via the trailer!

31 March 2020