25 June 2022

Kit Connor’s favourite songs to listen to when in love

Covering HUNGER 24: The Freedom Issue, we asked Heartstopper’s heartthrob lead actor Kit Connor to tell us which songs are the best to fall in love to. From David Bowie to Beabadoobee, Connor’s playlist is the ultimate soundtrack to any fledgling romance.

Better Man – Paolo Nutini 

Who better than the unsung god of pop/soul Paolo Nutini to get you in the loved-up mood. ‘Better Man’ from Nutini’s album Caustic Love is a lesson in self-improvement to match the adoration you have for your new crush. 

Hey Laura – Gregory Porter

This isn’t just a song for you to listen to by yourself whilst you ruminate upon all of the reasons why you might be falling in love. But whack this track on after uncorking a bottle of red wine, explain how you made (and mildly messed up) the most impressive dish you could find on the internet, and let the mellifluous melody do the talking. It’s the perfect backing track to getting lost in someone’s eyes… 

A Song For You – Donny Hathaway

Don’t be put off if you’ve heard this song performed on the X-Factor far too many times before. It’s a classic. This emotionally intense record is for post-date bus rides home, or tipsy slow dancing in the kitchen at 1am.

Never Be Lonely – The Feeling

We love a lil’ throwback upbeat pop song. Sometimes they can feel a tad cringe, but played at the right moment, your date hopefully won’t get the ick. So pick wisely when you want to transport them back to 2009 and school discos.

Soul Love – David Bowie

One thing we’ve learnt is that Kit Connor has good taste. This iconic Bowie track is for balmy days in the park, honeyed by the 8pm summer sun and warm beer. Play this one to impress, but make sure you have a few more Ziggy Stardust songs up your sleeve.

Someone Save My Life Tonight – Elton John

Okay, this was probably expected. Connor can’t simply feature in the biopic about Elton John without keeping his music close to his heart. In Rocketman, Connor may have performed ‘Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)’ whilst dodging glasses being thrown around and flash mobs in fairgrounds, but it’s this heartfelt love song that’s his romantic choice.

Love of My Life – Queen

The ultimate rock band strips it back for this record. Much like their other songs, it’s an anthem. But maybe an anthem saved for the first karaoke trip with your loved one.

The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles

If you’re reading this whilst sat at Glasto in the early days of a passionate romance, make sure you leg it down to watch Paul McCartney (hopefully, but probably not) play this song for you and your crush.

Dance With Me – Beabadoobee 

So it turns out Kit Connor is a varied king! If you thought he’d just be whipping out the golden oldies when on a date, you’d be wrong. It’s the tender, heart-aching vocals of Beabadoobee that’s polishing this playlist off with some contemporary tunes. But maybe keep your eye on your phone after playing this one, too long shuffling this artist could leave you a bit melancholic. 

P.s. The song’s also in Heartstopper…

Satellite – Harry Styles

And, of course, every playlist ever needs a bit of Harry Styles for good measure, and ‘Satellite’ is the track in everyone’s headphones right now. After this, put on ‘Late Night Talking’ to get the vibes up. Please enjoy the glorious accompanying music video…

  • Writer Ry Gavin

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