26 September 2019

Let A24 un-break your heart with free couples’ therapy

To make amends (and celebrate the forthcoming director's cut) A24 is giving film fans the chance to win free couples' therapy.

Not to be dramatic, but sometimes heartbreak can be so intense it feels like you’ll never (seriously, never) recover. Whilst team HUNGER have had a lot of experience in this department, Hereditary director Ari Aster has proven that thankfully we’re not alone. Inspired by his own experience, he gave us Midsommar : a horror flick ostensibly about a Swedish cult but mostly about watching your relationship careen towards destruction without being able to pull on the brakes.

Although being dumped is something we wouldn’t wish on anyone, the alternative presented in Midsommar  (spoiler: it involves human sacrifice!) makes us want to permanently delete Hinge off our phones and quite honestly never go on a date again.  For those of you still in committed love, the film no doubt struck a much more troubling note. How well do you know the person that you handed over your spare set of house keys to? Just how pissed are they that you didn’t invite them on that gals’ trip?

If you want in on a shot of salvaging whatever’s left of your relationship, A24 is here to help. To mark the Midsommar director’s cut out on 8th October, the entertainment company is offering up the chance to win three months of couples’ therapy: let’s just hope it’s not too little, too late.

For more information on how to enter, head over to @MidsommarMovie on Twitter.

words Megan Wallace

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