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Let Amber Olivier be your Internet guide

Amber Olivier is a name you should remember.

North London singer-songwriter has already brought us sounds worthy of a 90s R&B queen: think Aaliyah but Generation Z ready. Her debut music shows some of her collaboration with Grammy Nominated Brent Faiyaz, another HUNGER fave, and the two’s distinct sounds have been brought together in six sensual tracks unlike anything the R&B world has heard in a long while. Songwriting since the age of 17, Amber was brought up on the classic soul maestros of the 80s and 90s and the Sade-lovin’ really seeps through. Atmospheric as they are catchy, intimate as they are relatable, Amber Olivier is staying true to herself but bringing sharp innovation to the forefront. Now, Amber has brought us a vibey new single, ‘One Unread’: “it was written during a time where I was at a crossroad”, she explained to HUNGER, “I had to make a decision to put a particular situation to bed.”

To celebrate, we caught up with the singer songwriter to find out how she has found who she is today, and just how she found her sound in this crazy URL to IRL world. With over 28K Insta followers already, she’s making waves in music as well as the social media sphere: with looks as captivating as her tunes, she’s the full intoxicating package. Exploring everything from relationships to loneliness and absence, her music is just the soulful sensibility we need right now. So let Amber Olivier be your internet guide…

What would you like to see more of online?

More milestones for Sonder, Brent [Faiyaz], Masego & my gang.

What or who is the best account you follow? The worst?

Masego purely for his IG stories. I can’t think of the worst…I like everybody I follow! No bad vibes.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

My twitter mentions flooded with people congratulating me on performing at SXSW last year, even though I had no music out.. turns out it was another girl with my name and old username…

What’s your favourite meme?

What’s your earliest memory of the Internet?

Waiting for my crush to sign in on MSN & downloading music on Limewire.  

Is the Internet a good or bad thing for music?

I think the internet is bittersweet for music. I personally wouldn’t have met Sonder, Brent, Masego or any of the individuals I’ve worked with if it weren’t for social media.  At the same time I miss the exclusivity & anticipation of going to physically buy CDs, watching TV to see music video. I think the internet can sometimes lack that nostalgic feeling.

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How many followers represent success?

No amount of followers could represent success. In my opinion career/music wise success is about being incredibly consistent with your craft, securing a solid fanbase who grow with you, creating innovative ideas that the majority of audiences can enjoy while still being true to yourself & your taste/genre. It’s not easy & that’s why I like it… This career is a constant challenge. I don’t want to do things anybody could do. 

Finally…what’s going on in your life?

Right now I’ve just released by EP… and I also turned 22 that day. Soon after I’m reconnecting with Brent to join the Europe leg of the Sonder Son Tour which I’m super excited about as all the guys who worked on my project are coming & finally get to see my hometown. Shortly after there are some visuals in the pipeline that I’m working on, it’s about to be a busy year.

Follow Amber Olivier on Instagram here, check out her music on Spotify here and Apple Music here now. Amber Olivier plays Camden Assembly, London on 26th October and goes on tour in Europe from 24th October, for more information click here.

12 September 2018