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Let Barny Fletcher be your Internet Guide

The small town boy who's making it big...

Born and raised in a village in the depths of Somerset, Barny Fletcher immersed himself into the intricacies of music by listening to everything and anything. Echoing the mash-up of genres he took in, his sound is a daring blend of hazy hip-hop, smooth R&B and Barny’s rapid-fire delivery. Now, he brings us a new smash hit ‘Blu Skyes’, a seamless track which proves the rising rapper to be as witty a songwriter as he is a hitmaker. We meet the 21 year old vibrant musician to find out how it is to make music in Generation Z, so let Barny Fletcher be your Internet Guide…

What would you like to see more of online? What about less of?

Generally I like seeing art. Things people have made. I want to start seeing short films made specifically for social media platforms. Like a big series consisting of 1 minute episodes, you know? Probably very tricky to execute, but I think it’s a cool concept. I want to see less of those regular, harmless looking viral videos, which, once clicked on, play max-volume porn sounds out the speakers.

What or who is the best account you follow? The worst?

Best account. Damn. Probably @mistermort. Mordechai Rubinstein is this New York street style photographer who’s not really all about the high fashion shit. He puts a spotlight on people with an uncorrupted, style of their own. He’ll approach builders, homeless people, bankers, etc. Basically any unsuspecting New Yorkers who are doing something different with what they wear, but don’t care for fashion. Beauty in the everyday sort of thing. It’s pretty refreshing. Haha, if they’re the worst why would I follow them? I mean, some of my friends post some pretty whack shit, but what can you do.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

Honestly, I haven’t read anything crazy about myself online at this point. My first single ‘Christ Flow’ dropped on the 1st of February and since then, there’s been a bunch of articles and some interviews here and there but I’ve genuinely not come across any questionable stuff. No fan-fictions or TMZ rumours yet hahaha.

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1707, Fuji, colorised

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What’s your favourite meme?

Big Chungus.

What’s your earliest memory of the Internet?

I have this vague memory from when I was really young, of watching a Kinder Egg advert in which a kid typed a code into his computer and then jumped through the screen into a different world. For a while I thought that shit was actually possible. But yeah, that’s probably when I first acknowledged the difference between ‘TELEVISION’ and ‘COMPUTER.’ A little later down the line I remember playing Runescape. OG.

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Galaxsleeves 🦸🏼‍♂️

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Is the Internet a good or bad thing for music?

I think it’s great. The fact that you can upload a song online, which is then available to anyone on the planet with internet access, is incredible. You really have to hand it to those who blew up before the internet connected everybody and everything. On the downside, everyone has an opinion on the internet and there will always be people trying to bring your art, down. But hey, if they’re having to do that, it means they’re already below you. BIG OL’ FACTS RIGHT THERE.

How many followers represent success?

Followers don’t represent success. I think if you measure success by how many followers you have, you’ll never feel successful. See, success is relative. More is the success, more are the relatives. Hahaha.

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everybody’s gotta serve somebody

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Finally…what’s going on in your life?

Right now, I’m getting ready to drop another single with a video, and soon after that, my mixtape! I’m also bout to start live rehearsals for the shows happening later this year. There are a bunch of festivals lined up, which is gonna be crazy. I can’t wait. But yeah, all of this is new to me – right now I’m running with it and having fun.

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12 April 2019