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Let Charlotte Lawrence be your Internet Guide

Get to know the rising teen pop star with an edge...

LA born and raised, Charlotte Lawrence is every bit a fully formed star: racking up millions of streams with her breakout hits, the rising star blends catchy vibes with intimate lyrics. Inspired by diverse influences from SZA to Patti Smith, Lorde to Bon Iver, Charlotte is on a journey to find her sound, and it’s off to a damn good start.

Whether it be performing on stage with The Dixie Chicks or delving deep into her own life with songs exploring mental health problems, Charlotte Lawrence is equally a vibrant stage presence as she is a caring authentic talent. We catch up with the pop icon-to-be to find out what it means to be an 18-year-old in the world of music and what’s coming up next…

What would you like to see more of online? What about less of?

I would like to see more authentic posts online and less false representations of what you are supposed to look like and be.

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i love you germany, next stop amsterdam🍻

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What or who is the best account you follow? The worst?

@marleysmutts – It’s a dog rescue account! They give you updates on the puppies they save which I love to see. I don’t follow any accounts that I don’t enjoy.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

Before I had my own Wikipedia page, there was a page with my photo that said I have died in 1972.

What’s your favourite meme?

Paint Grandpa!

What’s your earliest memory of the Internet?

My earliest memory was Instagram! I had one when I was 11 called COCOSMOKEO234.

Is the Internet a good or bad thing for music?

I think it’s a great thing for music! It gives you the absolute largest audience to hear your music and follow along with what you are doing.

How many followers represent success?

I don’t equate followers to success.

Finally…what’s going on in your life?

I am leaving for my European headline tour in a few days! I get to travel around Europe in a bus – so excited! I am also currently working hard on an album. I have been in the studio a bunch writing and recording.

Follow Charlotte Lawrence on Instagram here and listen to her latest single, ‘Stole Your Car’, below now. For tickets to her headline show at Heaven on 3rd April click here.

28 March 2019