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Let Deno be your Internet Guide

Meet the 16-year-old wunderkid.

He may still be in school, but Deno is making waves like it’s nobody’s business. At sixteen he’s topped the charts with successive singles ‘London’, ‘Pumpy’ and the hit collab with his close friend the late great Cadet, ‘Advice (Delle Alli)’. On top of that, Deno’s been flexing his acting skills, starring in the cult miniseries Shiro’s Story as well as featuring and soundtracking Idris Elba’s debut TV show In The Long Run. Not stopping any time soon, Deno’s just dropped his debut EP Eye 2 Eye, with collaborations from the likes of Krept, Jay 1 and Canadian rapper Lil Berete. So let Deno be your Internet Guide…

What or who is the best account you follow?

The best account I follow may have to be The Shaderoom because, you know, I like to see what’s going on.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

The craziest thing I’ve read about myself is that my net worth is £10 million looool.

What’s your favourite meme?

My favourite meme 🤔 urrmmm, I don’t even know there’s way too many…

What’s your earliest memory of the Internet?

My earliest memory might have to be YouTube, I always remember using YouTube but I remember my older sisters and that always talk about MSN.

Is the Internet a good or bad thing for music?

The internet is a sick thing for music! Helps promote smaller people a lot more, as it’s easier to reach more people.

How many followers represent success?

However many followers makes you feel successful I think. But personally I do see in the millions as very successful.

Finally…what’s going on in your life?

My life’s crazy lol, my debut EP is out now. Working on lots more and having fun, got a lot more travelling and shows to do before the year ends, so it’s cool I’m chilling…

30 October 2019