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Let Jay1 be your Internet Guide

Get to know the breaking rap star behind 'Your Mrs'.

Fast emerging star Jay1 is making waves all over, 24 hours after the release of his video for ‘Your Mrs’, it was the #1 trending video on UK’s YouTube, with 150k+ streams on Spotify and heading up the ranks of the iTunes chart. Making a viral hit isn’t easy in todays world of infinite content, but Jay1 is proving himself to be the fresh talent Britain’s rap scene needs. We caught up with the rising star to find out how he made a smash hit, so let Jay1 be your Internet Guide…

What would would you like to see more of online?

I want to see more discussions around racism and how we can tackle it. I feel like we are making progress fighting it, but we just need more honest conversations, solutions, and for people to be willing to step out of their comfort zone.

What is the best account you follow?

@Imjustbait, I find his content hilarious!

What is the worst account you follow?

My manager, because he never posts anything!

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best caption wins..

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What is the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself?

Weirdly, I’ve had a lot of people saying I look like CJ So Cool. He is a popular YouTuber. In my opinion we don’t look anything like each other.

What is your favourite meme?

I dont think I have a favourite. But I’ve seen a few memes made from my latest single Your Mrs and I found them all really amusing

What is your earliest memory of the internet?

Hmmmmmm. Thats a tough one. I think my first memory of the internet would be crazy frog. For those that don’t know that was like the first ever viral content. It was just really catchy and annoying, you couldn’t escape it !

Is the internet a good or bad thing for music?

For music its definitely a good thing. Its put us all in a positive where we can access so much different music, from other cultures and countries. You can just search whatever place in the world you want and you have access to their music, and you can much more easily connect with other musicians via social media so the internet has played a massive role in the careers of almost everyone these days.

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That feeling when ‘Your Mrs’ is dropping this month 🥵

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How many followers represents success ?

I don’t think you can put a number on it, but once your talents are being respected and people are enjoying your content. That’s success. Someone can have 1 million followers and someone else can have only a thousand, that’s not necessarily a fair indication as to who makes the better music. It just goes to show how much social presence impacts peoples opinions of you.

Finally what’s going on in your life !?

Hahahaha I’m just having fun right now! I’m enjoying getting in the studio with different people, working on different sounds, different vibes. The single ‘Your Mrs’ is doing well so I’m delighted with that, we are just making sure we keep pushing the music and making quality content. I’m just making sure i stay focused and grounded.

10 April 2019