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Let Kyary Pamyu Pamyu be your Internet Guide

Get to know the princess of Kawaii Harajuku culture...

Having released her first album in four years, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back and ready to innovate pop once again. For the star’s fourth creation, Japamyu, the 10 track set showcases a new side of the kawaii icon: blending playful electronics with infectious melodies, Kyary has brought her sound straight into 2018. Collaborating with the likes of Charli XCX and gaining fans in Ariana and Gaga alike, the Japanese singer is ready to bring the new Kyary to the whole globe. We caught up with the bold pop princess to take a look at the world through Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s eyes…

What would you like to see more of online? What about less of?

I often watch videos on Instagram and YouTube, and at the moment ASMR videos in particular. I find myself enjoying watching and listening to people eat. Also game videos are fun too. I don’t play video games myself, but watching people playing games are fun, especially with narrated videos. Oh, I check out Tik Tok as well.

What or who is the best Instagram account you follow?

Kano Sisters from Japan: Their cosplays and luxurious lifestyles are one of a kind. Ariana Grande : she posts puppies and baby pigs videos and they are therapeutic to me.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

Some gossip news take my words totally out of context. They seem silly and I don’t see the point in going to that much trouble to make up news.

What’s your favorite meme?

We don’t have too much of meme culture in Japan, but we do have “bokete” means asking people to make up a joke with a picture posted, or fill-out-blank in funny ways.

What’s your earliest memory of the Internet?

It’s just that since I was very young, internet has been a part of my everyday life. It is so natural to me to post on blogs, social media almost every day.

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Is the Internet a good or bad thing for music?

One of the first thing I did when debuted , was to post “PONPONPON” music video on YouTube. I had no idea back then that posting a video on YouTube worked that favorably on my music career. It didn’t take time for the world to know I was there. Katy Perry mentioned about me and liked me, people in the countries I had never been to liked me. Shortly after I posted the video, I was on the world tour! It just seems so magical to me, and without internet, I wouldn’t be here today.

How many followers represent success?

Difficult to answer. Depends on the environment you are in.

Finally…what’s going on in your life?

I am having fun! I am constantly on tour, in Japan and worldwide. Fans give me power, and seeing their enthusiasm motivates me!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new album, Japamyu, is out now here. Follow her on Instagram here.

6 December 2018