Let MNEK be your internet guide

The London artist is about to drop the pop album of the year.

Pop powerhouse MNEK will release his debut full-length album – Language – tomorrow.So far, four singles have been released from the record and they all fit the mould of certified pop bangers that have defined the London artist’s career to date. The latest release, “Correct” is an underground jam that feels ready for a space age rave. The preceding single, “Colours” is a stadium-sized  pop anthem with a guest spot for Hailee Steinfeld. “Tongue” meanwhile is a bona fide sex jam. When the album drops tomorrow (Sept. 7) MNEK will be the talk of the digital town. We asked him how he handles the online hype…

What would you like to see more of online?

I’m a bit of a music geek and I watch videos on this channel called Pop Deconstructed. It basically is this channel that has some of the biggest top 40 songs, seperated into stems. So you’ll hear the bass by itself, or the bvs by themselves or whatever. I’d love to see more of that, I know it’s corny but yeah.

How about less?

 Instagram models who all wish they were Kylie Jenner pls.

Who or what is the best account you follow?

 I think @jaboukie is hilarious. I love @PopCrave, fills me on all the latest. I love @TheSlumflower always has something really positive to share with the world which I love.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve read about yourself online?

 On Google, one of the first questions that come up is whether i’m married? which, sadly, isn’t the case!

What’s your earliest memory of the internet?

 Using dial up and only getting 30 minutes on the internet and using it to listen to snippets of Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album.

Is the internet a good or bad thing for music?

 It’s both good and bad. Good cos it allows musicians to have a hub for their music to be heard more freely than ever. Bad cos it allows ANYONE to have a hub for their music to be heard more freely than ever. But there’s power in hearing different perspectives on music.


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How many followers represents success?

I frankly have no idea. If it’s enough to buy an album then sure. There’s artists with million of followers out there who can’t get their music to even chart. It’s a very weird thing. Says a lot about the public’s perception to that. Very temporary state of mind.

Finally, what’s going on IRL?

Well, I’m about to release my debut album Language – which comes out September 7th! I’m touring in October in Manchester, Birmingham and London…. and am releasing more music so I’m really excited for everyone to hear what I’ve got coming up next 🤗

6 September 2018