Liam Hodges AW19: Y2K prints and colourful dystopia

We Are The Martians.

LFWM autumn/winter ’19 offerings is all starting to feel very urban wasteland, whichever way you turn. Messages of a post apocalyptic world, (high fashion) cyborgs taking over (see Xander Zhou) and a dark future in a post-Brexit future imminent.

Entitled ‘Mutations in the 4th dimension’, Liam Hodges cyber-punk collection explored the idea and struggle of a “figure stuck between dimensions.” The past and future colliding – more so, the constant striving and impossible longing for a perfect time. A perfect you.

“It’s as if we’re caught between dimensions,” according to Hodges show notes. “Our infinitely informed, totally connected, fully mappable digital selves and that falliable person in all your selfies.” This attempt attempt to work out a look for this new wave materialised in the form of Y2K graphics, Hacker-style tees and tracksuits drawn from the projection of a tesseract, the four-dimensional analogue of the cube that can only be rendered in 2D. Our personal favourite looks were the rainbow-drenched two-pieces: an electric wardrobe that exudes a confident and colourful chaos. The world might be fucked but hopefully there’s a light to be found there.

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