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Five lighthearted podcasts to get you through some tough topics

Whether you're a seasoned podcast listener and have it cued up and ready for an long commute into the office, drowning out the sound of a no-boundaries having roommate enjoying extracurricular activities with their significant other, or a podcast novice- this is for you.

First thing’s first, locate your nearest podcast provider. You may have noticed a few unassuming faces, whether on your journey home or in the supermarket, quietly sniggering to themselves as they peruse the world foods aisle, on high alert, of fears of being noticed. They will try to contain it; they do, very well. But deep in the pit of their stomachs, a harsh, stifled cackle is clawing its way out. Well, you may be wondering, “hmm, they know me so well.” It’s because we’ve all been there.

Below is a list of OG podcasts that are sure to have you red-faced and belly laughing. With deconstructions of the most scandolous pop culture news, politics and the occasional health class, here is this weeks round up of hot OG podcasts right now.

The Receipts Podcast

This trio discuss sex, relationships and the young British experience. Baby daddies, dates at the shard and cultural expectations of women; Tolly, Milena and Audrey will have you feeling like you’re having a chat with three of your best gals.

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The Read

Movies, memes, and a good throwback music moment. Crissle West and Kid Fury are all sass but no bite.. well, a little bite.

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Halfcast Podcats

Want to know what black boy joy sounds like? Just press play. Chuck and Poet delve into all thing British, grime and toxic masculinity… and (toxic) femininity (whatever that is).

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The Brilliant Idiots

Emphasis on the brilliant. Emphasis on the idiots. Radio Host and DJ, Charlemagne The God and Comedian Andrew Schultz answer the life’s tough questions- as best they can.

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Hip Hop saved my life with romesh ranganathan

Your hip hop digest from Romesh’s mouth to our ears. If you’re a hip hop purist and simply want to debate Wutang, Tribe and MF Doom look no further this isn’t a mumble rapper friendly zone.

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27 May 2019