27 January 2023

Live out your anime dream with Loewe’s ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ collaboration

The collection launches February 1st alongside an immersive experience at Selfridges.

Loewe has reunited with iconic Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli for a third, and sadly, final collaborative capsule. But it’s going out on the highest note possible with a capsule inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle.

The collection enlists Juergen Teller, who shot last year’s Spirited Away collection, to shoot the campaign, drawing inspiration from one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most beloved films. 

Creative director Jonathan Anderson described the film as “one of my favourite Hayao Miyazaki creations,” and referenced some of the flick’s most recognisable scenes and characters throughout a charming ready-to-wear collection, alongside bags and accessories.

“The world we are living in needs a counteract: not as an escape, but as a different outlook,” Anderson said in a statement. “This, to me, is what Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films for Studio Ghibli are about: a commentary on the moment and an alternative to it, always heartfelt, fulfilling, full of fantasy and sentiment.”

The film’s key characters, including Sophie, Howl, fire demon Calcifer, Markl, Heen, Turnip Head and the Witch of the Waste — are all a major part of the designs on the clothing and accessories. Calcifer’s googly eyes make an adorable appearance on fire-doused shirts as well as the Puzzle Bag, AirPods cases, beanies and more. Meanwhile, overcoats embellished with black feathers add a touch of elegance. Elsewhere, a standout from the collection comes in the form of the Moving Castles Bag, which is adorned with various attachments to replicate Howl’s Moving Castle from the movie. 

If the garments aren’t enough to get you excited, you’ll get the chance to have a taste of the film’s universe in real life through an immersive Studio Ghibli in Selfridges’ Corner Shop space. There, you can dine in at Calcifer’s kitchen, where you’ll indulge in foods inspired by the film – including meadow-inspired sandwiches, vermicelli broomsticks, macarons, cakes and cloud terrines. Screenings of the film will also be running at the Selfridges cinema, where the film’s original sketches will also be on show alongside behind-the-scenes footage from the campaign. 

With the fashion house and animation studio now parting ways, this is a collaboration you certainly won’t want to miss. 

Loewe x Howl’s Moving Castle opens at Selfridges London from 1st to 25th of February, and is available to buy online from Selfridges.com.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Loewe

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