6 February 2023

Live out your ‘Sailor Moon’ fantasy with Jimmy Choo’s latest collaboration

The collection includes footwear and accessories inspired by the series' key characters.

Jimmy Choo has officially unveiled a collaboration with the iconic manga Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The capsule sees Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi and Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailor Moon, team up for the first time for the dazzling collection

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a unique global phenomenon – a manga and anime that resonates, bridging cultures and languages, speaking to different generations, bringing us all together. That is what drew me to this project, to celebrate 30 years of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon through this collaboration,” said Choi.

She then revealed that working with Takeuchi has been an incredibly inspiring and fulfilling experience. “This collaboration underscores our shared values not just of female empowerment but for fashion’s ability to inspire inclusivity and individuality through personality and self-belief. The notion of transformation via fashion is central to Naoko Takeuchi, and clothes play a vital role in the identity of her super heroines, especially their shoes, the most powerful transformer you can step into.”

The capsule takes inspiration from the main characters in the series, including Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, their mentor cat Luna and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon herself.

The stand-out piece from the capsule comes in the form of a Sailor Moon Boot. The knee-high stretch-style boot comes with a streamlined silhouette reflecting the character’s dynamic spirit, with a lacquered kick-heel cast in the same vibrant pink worn by Sailor Moon in the series. Four other uniquely bright shoes are also available, each inspired by a particular character. Meanwhile, a selection of leather accessories and bags depict memorable scenes from the original series – including a Varenne Quad XS bag featuring the kiss scene between Sailor Moon and her love interest Tuxedo Kamen.

Also, as part of the collaboration, Jimmy Choo partnered up with DJ Honey Dijon to create two original tracks inspired by Sailor Moon for a limited-edition vinyl. Meanwhile, manga artwork from Takeuchi will also be used to decorate the brand’s flagship stores across the world.

The Jimmy Choo x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon collection will be exclusively available in Europe at Selfridges from February 14th. And If you’re visiting the store, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of fixtures inspired by the series, including bespoke moon-shaped ottomans and life-sized Luna cats. However, if you’d rather shop online, the collection will be available on February 14th.

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