3 October 2022

Looking to freshen up your heel game? Introducing Off-White’s slinky boots

The brand has come through with a selection of quirky, slinky-heeled footwear in its latest collection.

Off White’s SS23 collection captured the attention of many for its futuristic, distinct and leather-doused pieces, but it was something a little more out of the ordinary that captured the attention. 

If you took just one glimpse at the footwear on show you’ll notice that instead of a traditional heel, there is a sculptural heel in its place reminiscent of a slinky. The slinky heel was added to a variety of styles including mules and boots and appeared in a selection of colours, but it’s the traditional chrome slinky that really caught the eye. However, if you’re looking to stand out even more, the shoes also come in black, purple and white colourways.

Despite the novelty of the design, there’s no denying it adds a welcome splash of fun to the collection. And Who knows, we might be seeing the evolution of the heel right in front of us, in a few years, we could be living a strictly slinky heeled world.

Perhaps now is the time to trade in those ancient stilettos for a striking slinky heel? Although we’d probably recommend taking them off before heading down some stairs

  • Writer Chris Saunders Image Credit

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