Lost in Translation: The fashion photographers exploring otherness

Shifting perspectives.

Designers du jour on the London scene – from Art School to Charles Jeffrey –  are celebrating notions of otherness and sparking a fashion revolution. Likewise, there’s a new guard of photographers redefining the landscape, shifting our perceptions of beauty, style and taste. As part of a joint show at Somerset House, Hanna Moon & Joyce Ng: English as a Second Language spotlights the vitality and importance of fresh perspectives in our increasingly interconnected world.

Employing an otherworldly and playful approach to their practice, photographers Hanna Moon & Joyce Ng incorporate cultural signifiers, set design and fashion to present their unique take on Western aesthetics and fashion ideals.

Curated by Shonagh Marshall, the exhibition explores the artists’ feelings of being ‘lost in translation’, a feeling which, as artists living in a foreign city navigating different languages and shifting landscapes, informs Moon and Ng’s search for capturing beauty in the often overlooked and unseen narratives in our everyday lives.

Take a first look at what’s inside the exhibit below…

Joyce Ng, In Her Five Elements, 2018© Joyce Ng/Somerset House

Hanna Moon, Heejin in Seamen’s Hall, 2018 © Hanna Moon/Somerset House

Hanna Moon, Moffy with earrings, 2018 © Hanna Moon

Joyce Ng, “Safe in London! With Love, Guan Yin <3”, 2018 © Joyce Ng/Somerset House

Hanna Moon, ‘Moffy’, A Nice Magazine, Issue 2, 2015 © Hanna Moon

Hanna Moon, Eckhaus Latta Denim Campaign, 2018 © Hanna Moon

‘HANNA MOON & JOYCE NG: ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE’ runs until April 28th 2019 at Somerset House, somersethouse.org.uk. Follow the pair on social media @hannamoon69 and @joyceszeng

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