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Louis Vuitton just released a multicoloured Jenga set worth £2,600: Here’s a list of outrageous luxury accessories

You haven't seen it all yet...

Louis Vuitton’s has been rolling out their AW19 pieces which featured a thriller like-themed collection. Among the statement accessories and garments, the one thing to have people talking is their multicolored Jenga set. Yes, you heard that right, the 1970, Hasbro gaming teamed up Virgil for this pricey hand eye- coordination, manual dexterity could be yours for a small price of $3,050 USD, roughly £2600 The Monogram Tower Jenga Set is available now at LV locations worldwide.

Raf Simons 6 pack key chain

We’re all privy to a good key chain. If you’ve got a hankering for stand out accessories, with a political message than this key chain, reminiscent of a 6-pack plastic brew is just what you need to let people know that, not only are you fashionable, you’re also conscious of the climate crisis.

Neighborhood Ceramic Incense Chamber

This incense chamber by Neighborhood kinda, sorta… majorly straddles on the side of blasphemous. The virginal Mary diffuser will have your home smelling as aromatic as a alt doctor’s office. Just try not to accidentally knock it over (it’s ceramic), after all, who’s to know whether an apparition is present within.

Olga 24k Gold Dildo

Tis the season… to reach your pleasure senses in style. This 24 k gold sex toy by Olga is so aesthetically pleasing it can double as an antique culture passed down for generations. If you’re the prudish type, just prop it on your mantelpiece and watch it titillate your space.

Louis Vuitton Pencil case

Whether you’re the artsy type, or simply want to see your child flexing during play time. This LV Pencil case is sure to turn heads.

Supreme Snorkels… of course

Does it get anymore over the top outrageous than supreme? From brick to cash machines, this hype beast-grailed brand is the connoisseur of all things weird, but ultimately, wonderful. Their newest drop features these underwater essentials. Consider these the next time you’re planning on going for a swim.

Saint Laurent Earphones

Electronics. Saint Laurent. Okay! These earphones are the perfect accompaniment to Anthony Vaccarello’s YSL. I’m not mad!

Palm Angels’ Anti-theft tag

I’m almost certain that there was a lot of social commentary behind this gem. Perhaps some discourse on the ills of Capitalisms promotion of infinite consumption and the effects that economic deprivation has in conjunction to crime rates. All in all, this tag by Palm Angels is… well, it just is. Hopefully, there isn’t any ink to potentially ruin your fire fit.

Bandai America Tamagotchi

This is not your average childhood tamagotchi. This is a new gen- Tamagotchi with all of the technological advancements that 2019 has to offer. Not only is this linked to the tamagotchi app, it is also in colour! This isn’t as excessive as the other pieces featured in the list, but… at a £60 price-point, I can only imagine what parents in the naughties would have thought about getting a robotic, toy pet play thing. Nontheless, Push notifications to remind you to feed your pet before they die on you… yes please!


Notable mention goes to… “Virgil Abloh” X “Evian”

Water, but make it “Virgil”. When the news of MR Abloh’s imminent collaboration with the Aqua company was announced, people frantically ran around speculating on whether this would pose an ethical issue over the glamorization of one of humankind’s necessities. Not only was it odd, it was a comical and the results… Virgil.

5 July 2019