Loyal Lobos talks us through her heartbreak EP, The Fall

Loyal Lobos is the moniker for singer-songwriter Andrea Silva. Her debut EP, The Fall, was written in the aftermath of a break-up, a short time after she moved from Colombia to Los Angeles. It’s crushing, cathartic and sad as hell.

The title track describes the desperation of a collapsing relationship. The lush, momentous “Dirt” explore the turmoil of a toxic relationship. “Swim”, meanwhile, was written in the stage of acceptance.

Read Silva’s own words on each track and listen to The Fall below. Follow Loyal Lobos on Instagram here.

Dirt: “Dirt” is about a toxic relationship that came from an apocalyptic hookup. It’s about knowing something is a bad idea but being so lost that you’d rather be underground.

Burn: I wrote this when I had just moved away from home. It’s about missing your loved one, the confusion from being in the middle of Hollywood and needing that familiar comfort and feeling of being safe.

Swim: “Swim” is a confession of love. It explores loneliness and the experience of revealing yourself to another. It’s basically the classic plot line of a millennial telenovelas.

Wrong: “Wrong” is about the frustration that comes when you feel that you are forced to move forward no matter what, after migrating and trying and failing and trying again.

The Fall: It’s about the moment when you realize that things will fail, you are nostalgic for the great moments and afraid of it ending. At the same time you’re trying to hold on to the time you have left with someone. Just another love song.

Follow Loyal Lobos on Instagram here.

20 November 2018