Meet Dom McAllister

Taking the reins of our VERO account, the London singer-songwriter shares his city hotspots, reading recommendations and creative influences.

Don’t know Dom McAllister? Then start paying attention. Pairing introspective lyrics with buttery soft vocals, the London-based singer-songwriter is a Gen Z heartthrob in the making. Having already worked with talent like Jungleboi and Joe Hertz, he’s making a name for himself in the business while speaking up about his experiences with anxiety and loneliness. And something makes us think he’ll continue to pour his soul into his music, no matter how big he gets…

Taking over our VERO account this week, Dom’s introduced himself to our followers and shared the tracks that have made him who he is today. Want to find out more? Head to VERO or check out our chat with Dom below.


Introduce yourself for us — what are five essential things you want our VERO followers to know about you? 

First and foremost I’m trying to live my best post quarantine life, responsibly, of course. I’m an extremely chill person (maybe too chill) but on a night out I’ll definitely boost up the energy and just in case you were wondering what my ethnicity is, I’m half Filipino and half Scottish. I’m 5’8/9 tall and without my boots I’m 5’7 and, finally, I don’t stop singing and it does get annoying to the people who are close to me. Bless them. 


Who are your main inspirations as an artist? 

Growing up I listened to a lot of Sam Cooke, who my Dad never stopped playing, so soul music has always been a part of my life. Listening to amazing female vocalists like Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé really got me to take music seriously. And I’ve always loved the songwriting from artists like Bob Marley and Joni Mitchell. 


Talk us through your VERO x HUNGER music collaboration. 

With new music coming out very soon and working with the great Jordan Rossi at Rankin Studios I just want people to catch some cool moments and content during the next phase of my project. 


Is there a song that’s changed your life?

“Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. 

What’s one song you listen to when you’re in a reflective mood?

I would normally pick an old classic with this type of question but to be honest, one that comes to mind is “i” by Kendrick Lamar. This song about loving yourself no matter what the circumstances has brought me to tears. 


Are there any struggles you’ve overcome as an artist?

My confidence. I used to be so in my head to the point where it may have caused an awkward creative environment for myself and the people around me. But I’ve definitely learnt how to switch it on and off. Even if I’m not feeling my best, I’ll fake it and put on a brave face. 


Does your identity feed into your music? 

It does and it doesn’t. In the past, I’ve written from experiences or wrote opinions I wouldn’t say out loud. Sometimes I’m so reserved I’ll let the “give no fucks” side out in my music. 


Anxiety seems to be a recurring theme in your songs — why is that something you want to be so open about?

So far it’s just come out of me as I’m super anxious most of the time. Definitely working on that. I was solely writing these lyrics by myself which can make the music sound awfully lonely. I can say that I’m having fun collaborating and co-writing for future records. 


Do you have any hidden talents outside of music?

Outside of music I’m mainly good at being creative in other areas like painting and latte art. I can make my stomach rumble on purpose but I no longer do that because I’m pretty sure that’ll make you ill. 

Where are your top three London hotspots?

I’m sort of a grandad so I don’t know exactly where it’s poppin’ but I love Dalston Superstore on a weekend, Battersea Park on a sunny day and Brixton, in general, is where it’s at right now. 


How do you relax?

Rupaul’s Drag Race is how I unwind. And I would recommend a book my close friend lent to me: Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah.


Who is your essential follow on VERO?

I would say @thejordanrossi. I don’t mean to be biased after working with him, but all his shots and posts look amazing! 


What advice do you have for other young artists? 

Have fun creating. And for everything else you should rely on your smarts and a clear mind. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s unnecessary. If you are super confident then you’re already halfway there but it’s essential to love what you do.


What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I plan to start writing music for people to see themselves in my songs rather than it being all about my life. I have big plans and that’s all I say…


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11 September 2020