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Meet Kimberly: the girl in front and behind the camera

Where there's a will there's a way...

In a time where everyone can consider themselves a model or influencer, it has become increasingly difficult to pursue a modelling career outside of social media. Kimberly Nicole Douglas learnt it the hard way when she quickly realised that having no job and no money was only part of the problem.

“[I] began reaching out to photographers to see if they were willing to collaborate. Some said they were down but would stop responding when I was trying to confirm a date,” she said on Twitter.

After applying to 15 modelling agencies with no luck, Kimberly decided to go a different route. “I did shoots in every room of my house, no tripod so I used a ladder, no camera so I used my phone. I used sheets as backdrops. Rummaged deep in my drawers and closet to find cute outfits to shoot in. I knew if I gave up, these past four years would’ve all been for nothing. So I just kept going and I’m still going.”

In 2018, Kimberly modelled and shot 75 photoshoots all by herself and now has more than 50K followers on Instagram. Not only has she found a way to be both in front and behind the camera, she is also sharing the exclusive behind the scenes process for everyone to see.

Follow Kimberly here and take a peek at her best shoots below:

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On August 18th I posted a selfie with the caption “what I look like on the daily (while also trying to think of another photo shoot idea) & @ybr4d commented “bubbles idk how but bubbles”...4 months later this is what I came up with. . . . This shoot had so many obstacles. Once talking with @theebarrs and telling him about the idea, I ended up deciding to shoot it on location. I practiced blowing the ball up by myself & getting inside to see what it looked like. I had my mom help me by blowing it up & zipping me inside, making sure I could stay inside without losing oxygen (read some horror stories online 😬). I bought a power inverter for my car, so I would be able to blow the ball up without an outlet, day comes, get to the location, take everything out of my car, set it up, plug in the power inverter...doesn’t work. Try troubleshooting it multiple times no luck, load everything back in my car, drive home, clear out the guest room, take everything out of my car (again), set it all up inside, connect my camera to my phone, get in the ball, start blowing it up, zip it up, go to start taking the disconnected 🤦🏾‍♀️, deflate the ball, get out, got my hair stuck on velcro, go to reconnect my camera, get BACK in the ball, re-inflate it, zip it up and FINALLY start taking the photos. This shoot was the hardest one I’ve done all year...but it was worth it 💫 Fit: @savagexfenty #savagexfenty

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26 July 2019