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Meet the 8 queens turning sickening looks this halloween

This year it's all about Halloqueen, so get to know some of the sickest drag acts around.

These 8 Drag artists show us their spooky looks and tell us why Halloween is the campest holiday of them all…

Emily Meow


Pastel princess, cartoon-enthusiast, wannabee-doll and Harajuku-obsessed

Tell us about your Halloween look and what inspired it?

My usual style is SO not scary or gory, but I love experimenting with “creepy cute” stying. I’m hugely inspired by dolls and toys so I wanted to be this slightly jarring, glassy-eyed clown, but still stay true to my bubblegum pink roots.

If you could play any horror role, what would it be and why?

Audrey from Little Shop Of Horrors. Her hair and wardrobe are to die for and I think it’s so camp to get eaten alive by a giant killer plant with a huge red lip on.

What can we expect to see from you this Halloween?

This October you’ll find me running around frantically backstage on Eat Sleep Drag Repeat’s Monét X Change tour (check our Instagram @esdrevents for details!), as well as Horror Haus and House Of Grand Parade’s Unearthed show. On actual Halloween night, I’ll probably be preparing for the launch of a fab new queer club night in Brighton called Polyglamorous (4th Nov, Pop Vault). No rest for the wicked!

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I’m HERR, with two ‘r’s and capitalised because I’m all about excess, in every sense of the word

What’s your fave part of Halloween?

The straight people enjoying what they laugh at us for the rest of the year. Lolz.

Tell us a scary story?

I once worked for a letting agency. FEAR ME.

What can we expect to see from you this Halloween?

Catch me hosting at the Phoenix Arts Club for a Tuckshop Halloween special, and as for the actual night – see you on the dance floor!

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The intergalactic aristocracy, taking period clothing motifs and giving them a modern futuristic edge

What’s your fave part of Halloween?

Being able to take public transport in full drag and everyone think it’s a costume to go trick or treating in.

Tell us about your Halloween look and what inspired it?

This years costume was really inspired by Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the rumour that she died with an inch of makeup on her face, and honestly I quite admire that! I was also really inspired by image of Cate Blanchett wearing Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga.

Tell us a scary story?

I once had to host a festival gig from midday in like 35 degree heat and I forgot my fan and ran out of setting spray, honestly it was a mess. I mean no one wants to see a sweaty 6foot 4 angel struggle in the heat for 10hours…

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LYDIA L’scabies


Townie slapper, sometimes body horror glamour, anything from scary to slaggy

What’s been your most shocking drag performance?

Probably one of my signature acts, “You Ruin Me” which has since been adapted for upcoming queer film Don’t Blame Jack by Dale Allen. Originally I used “You Ruin Me” by the Veronicas, which lyrically I couldn’t help but feel was somewhat perverse in terms of it’s lyrics: “You play me like a symphony, play me ’til your fingers bleed, I’m your greatest masterpiece, you ruin me.” Throughout the act I simulate punching into a champagne bucket whilst lip-syncing to porn soundbites, and the grand crescendo when I release a (squeaky clean may I add) enema with red food colouring out my ass onstage, always gets horrific screams, it warms me.

What’s your go-to Halloween film?

Trick ‘r’ Treat is so underrated, so is Romero’s Creepshow!

Tell us a scary story?

Oh hunny they print them daily in the papers, you don’t need me to frighten you.

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International Superstar. Glamour Clown. Professional Idiot. Don’t do drugs, Do Meth!

Tell us about your Halloween look and what inspired it?

It’s a Meth interpretation of Jack Nicholson’s iconic portrayal of the Joker in Batman! I prefer the campy Batman films of the late 80’s early 90’s to the modern ones. And it’s not often I do a cosplay style look but the Joker is one of the best villains of all time so how could I resist dragging him up.

What’s been you’re most scariest experience?

Watching the Bride of Chucky in a thunderstorm at the age of 10. Still can’t watch those films to this day.

What can we expect to see from you this Halloween?

I’m headlining the Monster Mash Halloween Bash at fab new LGBTQ+ bar The Apple Tree on November 3rd.

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My drag aesthetic is ever changing but in reality i’m just a destitute housewife.

Tell us about your Halloween look and what inspired it?

The look was inspired by a drawing created by @Enzo_donatelly, a Dragqueen from Chile. Its also inspired by old Hollywood glamour – I wanted to be Zsa Zsa No More, instead of Gabor. The dead desperate housewife. The hair was created by my sis @parizhair, and honestly put the whole look together.

What’s your go-to Halloween film?

My go-to halloween flick is Silent Hill, to this day the idea of being followed around by faceless demons haunts me.

Tell us a scary story?

I mean pick a horror story, look outside the window, there are horror stories happening on every street in every country. Looking at the rise of the right-wing throughout the western-world and here at home, there have of course been great movements in equality, but the progress is being threatened by this current wave of political thinking – not to imply people haven’t always been racist, homophobic and hated women, now they just feel less scared to say it, again.

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If you crossed Stevie Nicks, a Bratz doll designed by McQueen and a giant, that’s pretty much Ophelia!

What’s your fave part of Halloween?

I freakin’ love Halloween, it’s the campest of all holidays, let’s be real- I think every Disney villain seems to be somewhere on the LQBTQ+/ Queer spectrum! Why would you not love dressing up, getting sweets and an occasional horror story?

If you could play any horror role, what would it be and why?

Veronica Sawyer in ‘Heathers’ okay it’s not really a ‘horror horror’ but, it gets pretty dark! And she’s fucking fab and an absolute bad ass! And who doesn’t love Winona Ryder (except maybe the security at Sachs).

Tell us a scary story?

Okay so for really, I used to see ghosts when I was younger, I lived next to this old burned down great hall and when I was young, I used to go into my parents room and be like “that lady in the white dress is in my room again starring at me…”

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London’s most beautiful bin bag

Tell us about your Halloween look and what inspired it?

I’m a spooky gal. My main inspiration comes from vamp characters such as Vamperia, Mortia Adams and Elvira. Beautiful women who have stone cold faces, dress all in black and come out with these camp one liners.

Tell us a scary story?

So where I grew up in Devon, its the middle of ass end no where and at night it gets super dark and silent, basically there is the story of a guy called the chicken man that’s been spotted in people’s gardens and he just stands there holding pet chickens. It scared the shit out of me. I think it’s because this sort of things could totally be true in Devon.

What can we expect to see from you this Halloween?

Omg ok my Halloween so chocker, so Friday the 26th I went to Mariah and friendz at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with the super babes that are crystal Beth and baby Lamé. The shows are amazing. FINALLY Sunday the 28th I was at Vogue Fabrics in Dalston for SUNDAY FUNDAY, I did a show and it was honestly the most crazy random night ever. It’s my fave thing to work at!!

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30 October 2019