Meet the artist blurring boundaries to investigate the human spirit

Multimedia artist Graham Fink recently unveiled his latest stunning, thought provoking exhibition.

Merging hyperrealism and photorealism as well as elements of figure painters of the Twentieth century, the play on light in each image creates a remarkable image of reality. Fink seeks to dig deeper and go beyond the photograph to emphasise the psychological state of the image.

The premise for the exhibition is based upon the notion that unlike the lens of a camera, a human’s perception is dramatically filtered by our level of attention and emotions. The speed of photography  also reveals a new world not accessible to normal human perception, and as a result, photographic forms acquire a quality that we rarely experience when looking at painted forms. 

The nude figure is present throughout the series and aims to create an instant emotional connection between the artist and the viewer — one rooted in shared humanity and spiritual ideals.

The exhibition experiments with ultra-long exposure; this creates layers of space in one single frame, speaking to the complexities and depth of the human spirit and psyche. Through doing this, none of the images are simply seen as it is, there is always another.

The exhibition is now finished but you can find imagery below. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders Images Courtesy of

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