Meet the fashion photographer whose subject is her muse

For fashion photographer, Marianna Tomanova, it's her subject that comes first. 

The inspiration for Tomanova’s captivating new photoshoot was the model, Jak Uzovic. “The whole concept was created to emphasize his uniqueness and amazing ability to change visually,” she tells Hunger. “I also wanted to show off his gentle side.”

The result is a series of images that are all about Jak; he wears the clothes and makeup, not the other way around.

“That’s why we chose Slovak fashion designer, Pavol Dendis, Tomanova continues. “He mainly focuses on men’s collections that embody minimalist aesthetics, using simple colours. Tomanova pitched in too. She and her sister, Mia, made handmade backgrounds in order to create the lush, “painting like” atmosphere you can scroll through below…

  • Writer Nessa Humayun
  • Photographer Marianna Tomanova
  • Styling Pavol Dendis
  • Makeup Mischel Warenits
  • Hair Monika Kalicka
  • Model Jak Uzovic

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