30 June 2022

Meet the TikTokers who believe they are the descendants of the lost city of Atlantis

The TikTokers believe that an interest in reiki and crystals is a tell-tale sign that you may be from the sunken city...

The allure of the fictional underwater metropolis, Atlantis, has been too much of a draw for adventurers across the world who believe the city really did exist. Unfortunately, all evidence indicates that the philosopher Plato, sometime around 360 B.C., invented the island nation in order to illustrate a point about the dangers of aggressive imperialism. But with the mention of deeply lost treasure and technological advancement, the possibility of these riches have been adopted by a dedicated group of TikTok Spiritualists who, brace yourselves, believe they are descendants of the lost city.

Most of these Atlantis descendants are all a part of an occultist corner of the social media platform called WitchTok. The hashtag #Atlantis has already amassed 54.7 million views which could mean a few things: there really are a huge number of Atlantis descendants, people just enjoy watching bizarre content, or those making the TikToks are in on an elaborate hoax. I mean, suspending belief for a second, how insane would it be to have all these kids confirmed as descendants of Atlantis? Just Imagine them taking you on an MTV Cribs-style tour throughout the lost city, visiting their relatives’ long-lost homes… Sign me up.

On TikTok, some users draw parallels to our society now and the lost city: “This is take two, we made it back”, says @lionessencee. Others believe that our pyramid systems and crystals came from Atlantis, and see an inclination towards alternative healing such as reiki and crystals as a telltale sign that you’re a descendent of the civilisation. 

Who knows? Maybe you — dear reader — are in fact a descendent of Atlantis. If by the off chance you are, please take us with you to visit it would really tick one off the bucket list. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Unsplash

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