Meet The Vivienne

In collaboration with VERO, the 'Ru Paul's Drag Race UK' winner gives us the lowdown on Liverpool's clubbing highlights and her formations as a drag queen.

Last year, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK wowed the nation (and beyond) with its British translation of the trials, tribulations and tests of its American predecessor. With a stunning coterie of queens including Baga Chipz and Divina De Campo, it showed the world that the UK’s drag scene didn’t come to play.

It’s also, for many, when we gained our first introduction to The Vivienne. While she entered the competition knowing she was Liverpool’s finest, she would go on to be crowned the season’s winner. This week, the drag queen, singer and all-around performer has been regaling our VERO followers with her love of Cher, the lowdown on her time on RPDR UK and stories from finding her feet in  Liverpool’s queer clubs.

Below, read our full conversation with The Vivienne to find out more about what she has in store for 2021…

Have you always been creative?

I always have been, from making my tin man costume when I about 10 to freaking out the school when I decided to be Otis from House of 1000 Corpses in Year 8. It was clear my creativity was gonna take me places.


What was your entry into drag?

Working behind the bar at Pink in Liverpool, watching the queens having so much fun and thinking, “I’d be good at that.” So I started on £30 a night and a few free drinks and then worked my way up from there. From door-whoring to DJ to performer.


How did you pick your drag name?

Vivienne Westwood clothing was always hanging off my back so everybody on the club scene called me Vivienne. I didn’t want one of those “pinky” names so I chose Vivienne and stuck “the” at the front.

What was it like to join Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, given how big the franchise is globally?

There was a huge amount of pressure, it’s the first time drag had been on British TV properly since Lily Savage [Paul O’Grady’s alterego], I needed to show the country what an art form it really is. It’s a highly skilled job.


You also released a single earlier this year, where do you hope to take your music career?

Music was never something I planned, it’s just something that happened naturally and it’s something I really enjoy. I like to give people content and I think I’m doing that. Working with Initial Talk on “You Spin Me Round” was amazing as he gave the song such a fresh take. An album is definitely maybe still in the picture.


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Well, my biggest music icon is Cher, I love so many of her songs and I sing them in my show often. I’m even doing a special Cher tribute show in London in February!


What’s one film that you would recommend to our VERO followers?

Erm…Jurassic Park! Get it watched!

Tell us your three favourite places in Liverpool?

Ghetto Golf which is indoor crazy golf with amazing DJs, cocktails and food. It’s just a brilliant vibe in there, so much so I shot my cover art for “You Spin Me Round” in there. The whole gay scene, Superstar Boudoir, Gbar and Garland were the clubs The Vivienne was born in, she ruled that scene. It was a place everybody was welcome and we had a ball!


What’s one song that always gets you in the party mood?

Anything by Cher!


How do you unwind?

The hottest bath, Lush bath bombs and face scrubs. Basically a good old pamper session!


What’s next for you?

I’ve got a West End Christmas show at the Apollo Theatre in London on 21 December, so I can’t wait for that. Also lots more TV appearances, you may see me jumping into the beauty scene and, of course, lots and lots of touring!


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11 December 2020