Tory Lanez Charged with Assaulting Megan Thee Stallion

He may face jail time of up to 22 years if found guilty.

After being arrested on 12 July for a concealed firearm charge, when reports and video of an incident in the West Hollywood Hills surfaced in the press and on social media, rapper Tory Lanez is facing fresh charges including “assault with a semiautomatic firearm” in connection to that night’s events.

Megan Thee Stallion has not been mentioned by name in the proceedings, but a statement from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reveals that; “Tory Lanez has been charged with assaulting a female friend in the Hollywood Hills earlier this year.”

In the lead up to this development, Megan had publicly announced that she had suffered gunshot wounds in the foot and later went on Instagram Live to allege that it was Tory who had shot her. If convicted, Tory faces 22 years and 8 months in prison.

In other Thee Stallion news, Megan took to social media yesterday (8 October) to announce details of her latest endeavour: the Don’t Stop Scholarship Fund, a fund of $20,000 split between two students.

To be awarded to two women of colour undertaking bachelors, associate, or postgraduate degrees in any subject, the bursary shares its name with the Houston rapper’s recent single “Don’t Stop”. Supported by Amazon’s Rap Rotation, Megan launched the initiative on Twitter by dedicating it to her “college hot girls”.

The official statement by Megan and Rap Rotation highlights that, as a current student of Health Administration at Texas Southern University, Megan is passionate about “the transformative power of education” and is “a strong advocate for women pursuing a college degree”.

Head to to learn more and apply and check out Megan’s announcement below.

9 October 2020