Missy Misdemeanor Elliott stays snatching wigs

Your fave's fave is back and this time, she's better than ever!

Is anyone having a more fulfilling 2019 than the incomparable rapper, singer/songwriter, super producer, Missy Elliot?

After a 15-year long hiatus since the phenoms last project titled, “The Cookbook”, Missy is back to fill the stylistic void that has plagued us for close to two decades. Now, if you were to ask 10-year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer, in hindsight, seems far too idealistic and quite frankly idiotic. Although my dreams seemed more plausible than that, at 10, a response as deadpan as you could imagine at that age, I would have told you that, my all-time dream in this life (and the next) would be a Missy Elliott backing dancer. Now you might be thinking, ‘Hmm… that took a weird turn. Thought she was going to say Missy herself’, but no people. Hear me out. As a frumpy, introverted middle child, there is nothing more egregious as a child of African descent than being both shy and chubby. Then came, Gossip Folks, the 2002 single from her second studio album, “Under Construction”. Far too young to truly come to terms with the importance of the content, but seeing a young Alyson Stoner, Crip walking in a marron adidas tracksuit was enough for me to abandon all senses and work towards a career on the road with the icon. Then life happened, and here we are now…

If you’re a stan like yours truly and are not following Missy on Twitter, (The shame!! but also, do us all a favour and open the app), it’s a full proof reason to give her the necessary dues. An archive, history lesson and comedic trove, reminding us of the countless times on who’s she’s written for, what she’s written and having us gag, constantly over her greatest looks. Not only is Missy Elliott a musical pioneer, she has also cultivated an aesthetic so uniquely imposing and supremely au courant that, to this day, we still pay immense homage. From magazine covers, an overdue MTV video vanguard honour and now an EP, ICONOLOGY, the most holy union, (Missy, Timbaland) are joined by Wili Hendrix for the 5 track (predicted) smash featuring the debut single, Throw it Back with a guest appearance by Teyana Taylor. In addition, an exclusive pop up museum in preparation to the ceremony is underway on the 24thto commemorating the contributions of the artist in New York. Sucks to be home, huh? Well, we’re sure stories and pics from our pals stateside will help us get over the FOMO.

23 August 2019