4 October 2022

Moncler: Extraordinary Forever

Join Moncler as it journeys back to its exemplary past and look towards an innovative future for the next generation of adventurers.

In honour of 70 years of pioneering, mountain-conquering history, this month Moncler is taking an expedition into its incredible heritage.

The Italian luxury brand’s exciting global campaign – titled Moncler: Extraordinary Forever – will be sharing the highest peaks from its photographic archives to inspire generations for the next seven decades and beyond. Expect a mosaic of stories, captured by many lenses, that reveal a snow-capped K2, the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics, Eighties Milan’s Paninaro youth culture, high-fashion spectacle and much more. From the mountain to the moon and back to planet Earth, each Moncler milestone is representative of a moment shared between likeminded people.

Continuing the celebrations in physical form is a loving reimagination of the brand’s cult Maya jacket – a favourite among celebrities, it’s famously the choice of rapper and all-round cultural icon Drake. The limited-edition Moncler New Maya 70 down jacket incorporates elements of the contemporary while paying homage to the original design and the Italian brand’s mountaineering legacy. The makeover begins with 13 special-edition hues inspired by the outdoor life, ranging from fresh pastels to vivid brights and deep earthy tones.

Looking back to its boudin-quilted origins, the jacket is crafted from Moncler’s washed nylon lux laqué – a lightweight technical nylon that boasts a lustrous sheen and a modern laminated feel. And thrill-seekers, rejoice: subtle tweaks to the overall silhouette allow for advanced mobility and freedom of movement. There are also practical adjustments, such as an enlarged hood and poppers in lieu of a zip down the front.

Finishing off the stylish, boxier fit is Moncler’s exclusive Extraordinary Forever anniversary logo on the left sleeve pocket, which serves as a marker of the brand’s extraordinary history and evolution. Twinning with the initial feltrino logo patch is an infinity loop with the new, 70th-anniversary mountain emblem, which at once affirms the label’s alpine roots and looks towards an innovative future for modern adventurers. As seen throughout the campaign, at its essence, the Moncler journey is a story of community spirit and togetherness.

  • Writer Nessa Humayun

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