23 March 2022

Mother’s Day: The HUNGER gift-guide for all the cool mums in your life

A cool mum calls for a cool gift. Look no further than HUNGER's Mother's Day gift guide.

Have a mum that’s no fan of exercise? Go for Aries’ Yoga Kills SS Tee in white. (RRP £80) 

Cool mums don’t use SodaStreams, they use the Aarke Carbonator 3, which is an altogether chicer take on your average fizzy water maker. It now comes in a special-edition “Hammertone” colourway, which pays homage to industrial design and will look great on any countertop. (RRP £230)

NARS has the best eyeshadow palettes in the game. We’ve been eyeing up the new Climax Eyeshadow Palette — a limited-edition palette that features nine smoky shades in silky matte, metallic, and multidimensional finishes. (RRP £45) 

Chanel’s new Coco Mademoiselle Velvet Body Oil offers a powdery pink “boudoir” feel for all-day pampering care. This clear body oil, held in a spray bottle, can be applied after bathing or throughout the day. It’s the perfect indulgent treat. (RRP £60)

Ok, sure, every mother’s got a fiddle-leaf or a peace lily. Why not push the boat out and give her something more unusual like Stem’s Cowboy Cactus Variegated. Requiring minimal effort, some cacti can live for up to ten years indoors, and they’re also a solid conversation starter. (RRP £48)

For the stressed or overworked mums in your life, Lab Tonica, which is hand-crafted in Hackney, shakes up dusty stereotypes around herbalism and injects the ancient practice with new life. For mothers in need of a moment of calm, spring for the ‘Breathe’ collection, which includes herbal tea, a calming balm and a pillow mist — all of which are made from natural ingredients. (RRP From £17.60)

You won’t find Confessions of A Rebel perfumes on a beauty counter. The brand was created on the belief that the fragrance industry was full of outdated archetypes of femininity and masculinity — and in dire need of a change. It’s the first-ever fragrance brand built in collaboration with 500,000 American consumers, meaning that you’ll find something to satisfy the palate of the pickiest of mums. This year we’re choosing the 4 Piece Fragrance Gift Set. (RRP £60)

BetterMe Sportswear is a Ukraine based athleisurewear company that is continuing to operate despite the unfolding crisis. Boasting comfy and sweat-proof sportswear, BetterMe makes clothes with different body types and shapes in mind so every mum can find her perfect set. We recommend a “Total Look” set.

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