28 April 2021

Myla’s Takeover Is Coming to VERO

The makeup artist and influencer will be debuting an exclusive beauty story to our VERO followers, alongside cultural recommendations.

Racking up over 100,000 followers as @pradaolic Myla is reigning supreme on Instagram. With a distinctive, colourful style they’ve used their face as a canvas for everything from full-coverage alien green, to koi fish, to landscapes. While  early on in their career, they have already secured both an engaged fanbase and a unique aesthetic direction to power them ahead. 

This month, they’ll be making the jump to VERO to debut a new beauty story for our followers. There, they’ll also be answering questions about their beginnings in makeup and beauty tips, as well as sharing a host of cultural recommendations which have served as inspiration to their vibrant practice. A must for beauty fans, culture obsessives and anyone looking to revitalise their beauty looks, sign up to VERO for more… 


VERO is an authentic social network — no ads, no algorithms, just great content. Go to vero.co to sign up and follow @hungermagazine for more exclusive content and to catch Myla’s beauty takeover, which runs until  7 May.

Photographer Jordan Rossi
Makeup Artist and Model Myla
Stylist Krishan Parmar


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