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Natalia Samoilova is the photographer blending surrealism and self-reflection

“Three milestones of my aesthetic: self reflection, sublimation and fine art,” Belarus based photographer Natalia Samoilova tells Hunger. “I have a lot of questions and I try to find answers to them.”


“I, like a lot of people, live in not an ideal country,” she adds. “Where there are a lot of problems that I can’t ignore or pretend they don’t exist or I don’t see them. I know, I see, I feel, I react and do what I can. But it creates a lot of negative energy that I sublimate into my creative life. A lot of people ask me why I always talk about negative emotions, why I prefer sadness to laughter in my frame. I always quote the words of Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. It’s true for each person individually.

Embracing the darkness (instead of running from it) Samoilova creates super surreal and colour-pop visuals exploring the complexities of the human psyche. “Art has no borders, no languages, no nationalities, no sex, etc. It can and it changes our world, people to the best. I think art makes us human. Art now is very essential than ever before.” Check out one of her recent editorials entitled ‘Decadence,’ below…

5 June 2019