Natural Connection

Shot in the Slovenian Alps, this offbeat editorial might just turn you vegetarian.

With lockdown interrupting the pace of our regular lives, many of us have been rethinking our relationship to nature. Amazed at the fresh air and peace of mind that green spaces can provide, we’re finally realising up important it is to protect our environment. So much so, that by the time the 2024 elections roll around, we’ll probably all be card-carrying Green Party members.

Inspired by this collective shift in perspective, “Natural Connection” is an editorial which asks us all to more mindfully engage with the flora and fauna in the world around us. As photographer Matija Tomc  explains, the concept is simple; “we asked our friend Neža to approach cows and make a connection.”

We love a bit of interspecies solidarity, see the full photoshoot below.

22 July 2020