Neil Krug’s Phantom photography series is surreally powerful

Neil Krug’s photography is about as versatile as it comes...

From shooting our #13 cover star Chadwick Boseman to the scenery of Southwestern USA, there is an intensity which links them a together. For his new series, Phantom, he’s releasing the expressive new work in several stages; an art installation shot over two years, the work captures the land and its soul.

Featuring firery waters and luminous nudes, the first stage of Phantom is as surreal as it is empowered. Capturing the unseen, and creating the unknowable, Krug’s new work refreshes itself as sharply innovative and free.

Take a look at the new series Phantom: Stage One below now, there are some prints available online here now. Follow Neil Krug on Instagram here. 

27 November 2018