New York alt-R&B artist Amber Mark is doing the most

"Singer-songwriter, producer, performer: all of the above."

Amber Mark is doing the most, and always has been. From 2017’s soulful debut album, 3:33am, dedicated to the loss of her mother and exploring grief, Amber has always sought ownership for her intimate creations. In order to control her narrative and own what she creates, the artist taught herself to produce from her bedroom – “I started learning how to produce and soon realised I could do it all on my own” – and went on to self-produce both 3:33am and 2018’s Conexão.

Moving around a lot growing up – Germany to India, Nepal to New York – Amber Mark told us about attending a performing arts high school in New York before moving to Miami. “I went to a regular school there but we had an after school program that was just like school of rock”, she laughed. “We would just perform covers of songs”, Amber explained, “but that was my first taste of being on stage and I was like ok this is what I want to do”. Falling in love with performance early on, the young artist started off her journey, put some music out on Soundcloud, and the rest is history.

We caught up with Amber in the HUNGER studio to hear all about how she created her vibrant blend of R&B, soul and now “elements of trap”, as well as that indefinable uniqueness…

24 October 2019