1 August 2022

North West could soon be designing for Yeezy after Kim Kardashian shares her sketches

Step aside Kanye, North is here to take your crown.

It seems as though North West is following in her fathers footsteps. Kim Kardashian recently revealed her eldest daughter’s Yeezy design sketches via Instagram stories, showing her followers the abstract designs.

In one photo, West can be seen holding up one of her alien-like sketches done on a piece of blue paper, donning a pair of shades with what appears to be a real braid of hair sticking out of the figure’s mouth.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram Stories

In another eerie snap, a second sketch done by West shows a similar extraterrestrial figure, although this rendition drawing features three braids on each side of the figure’s head, as well as a snake-like tongue coming out of its mouth.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram Stories

We’ve been seeing a lot of West’s art as of late, Kardashian recently showed off West’s “emo” art during a video tour of her home for Vogue. One of those drawings featured an unnerving self-portrait with bottomless black eyes and a fire-breathing mouth and was similar in style to her new sketches. Could West be taking Yeezy emo?

While North seems to be a budding artist, she’s no stranger to the fashion world either. She attended the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris with Kardashian and grandmother Kris Jenner earlier this month as well as sitting front row at Balenciaga’s Couture show.

Who knows? Maybe in the near future, we’ll all be clad in terrifying Yeezy garments designed by West herself.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram / Kim Kardashion

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