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Ojerime is very online

The South London singer-songwriter might be getting serious in her songs, but when we slide into her DMs we find that she’s anything but...

Ojerime’s woozy RnB first pricked our ears with the ‘90s melodies and late night jams of 4U and earlier this month, the South Londoner followed up this 2018 EP with mixtape B4 I Breakdown. Sharing 4U’s basic musical DNA, it’s a reminder of why we loved Ojerime in the first place. But with a sense of lingering melancholy and an introspective turn to the lyrics – inspired in part by mental health troubles over the past twelve months – it’s a reflection of an artist that’s independent, honest and ready to pour her truest self into her craft.

Ojerime might be getting serious in her songs, but when we slide into her DMs we find that she’s anything but. Scroll below to get the lowdown on the singer-songwriter’s 🔥 meme recommendations  and her earliest Internet memory (spoiler: it involves 50 Cent).

@hungermagazine: What’s your earliest Internet memory?

@ojerime: It was 2003. 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” had just dropped and I was in my first ever ICT lesson, the teacher had left us alone briefly so I visited his site. The first thing I heard was gunshots, the screen shattered and “In Da Club” started playing. It was the most frightening thing ever but I loved it.

@hungermagazine: 🤣 What happened then?!

@ojerime: Everyone swarmed around my iMac. I visited Sean Paul’s website without closing and ‘“Get Busy” started playing on top of “In Da Club” like a DJ mix. The whole class went wild and asked me how I did it. I didn’t know how to close the windows and then the teacher came back, everyone ducked and the mashup was still playing. I got sent out of class and had to face the wall until class was over.

@hungermagazine: What are your five most-used emojis? Why?

@ojerime: 😭 – I’m constantly crying of laughter
@ojerime: 🤗 – cos I’m grateful
@ojerime: 😍 – for the ladies/food of Instagram
@ojerime: ❤️ – I love love
@ojerime: 🙃 – I can be sarcastic

@hungermagazine: You’ve switched to private mode on Spotify: what are you listening to?

@ojerime: I’ve created a midnight chill playlist and it’s on repeat. It consists of Dru Hill, Babyface, Donell Jones, Prince, Joe, Jodeci, Brandy and Tyrese.

@hungermagazine: Do you use dating apps? Which ones?

@ojerime: I don’t but my friend convinced me to join Hinge in the summer. I deleted it once a guy asked how many times a week I wore my wigs.

@hungermagazine: What’s your favourite meme?


@hungermagazine: Have you ever been blocked?

@ojerime: if I have, I haven’t noticed lol

@hungermagazine: Last person you stalked on IG?

@ojerime: I don’t really get down like that (my ex)

@hungermagazine: What’s your most-used app? Why?

@ojerime: Instagram, because of my mixtape campaign

@hungermagazine: What’s the longest amount of time you can go without being on your phone?

@ojerime: 5 minutes, it’s like my pet

Ojerime’s mixtape, B4 I Breakdown is out now. Stream it on Spotify

19 March 2020