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One Shot: Rankin launches two day public photo-shoot with rare Polaroid Camera

The event will take place on 15-16 November in Milan's 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery.

To celebrate his first solo exhibition in Italy, photographer Rankin will take live portraits of members of the public as part of his exclusive “One Shot” event. Making this experience even more special, he will be doing so with the only original Polaroid Land Camera operating outside of the USA.

Speaking of the choice of camera, which is one of two available worldwide, Rankin said: “This camera makes me so excited; It’s a beast to work with and full of weird idiosyncrasies that means no two pictures will come out the same.” Not only will the images from the event be unique, but they will also, given the nature of the camera, be a celebration of instinctive creativity.  “Being polaroid you only get once chance to get it right, one pose, one click of the camera, but the prints are real works of art.”

For Rankin, the event represents an opportunity to create art that offers a true reflection of the human spirit. “My favourite photo-shoots involve real people. It’s what I enjoy doing the most,” he says. “The fact they aren’t celebrities, they haven’t got a publicist or manager telling them how to look and act, they really showcase their true selves. I want to connect with people, I like people being real, not acting up for any kind of fame.”

An offshoot of Rankin’s ten-year project RANKIN LIVE, this is Rankin’s first official public access project with this unique camera. Photographing up to 80 people over this two-day event, each paying participant will receive their portrait along with a signed certificate of authenticity for the experience.

“One Shot” takes place on 15 – 16 November at 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS, Milan. To book your place and for further information contact: with the subject line “Polaroid Land Camera – RANKIN”. In order to secure your Polaroid by RANKIN, the full price must be paid in advance (2,500€ including taxes).

Check out the gallery below for inspiration of what your portrait could look like…

13 November 2019