Photographer Marina Vengut and stylist Francisco Ugarte pay homage to classic cyberpunk videogame Oni in this fashion editorial shot over Skype.

Released in 2001 by Bungie (the developer behind the Halo franchise) action video game Oni became a controversial classic in the early noughts. Now, with its Ghost in the Shell-inspired aesthetic and smooth animation, it’s a major style reference for anyone whose looks draw on Y2K  Internet nostalgia.

Given that many of us are putting in serious hours at the gaming console, rediscovering old favourites like Oni, photographer Marina Vengut and stylist Francisco Ugarte have teamed up with model Lin Lin to create a glitchy ode to the iconic video game. Shot over webcam, the editorial has been pushed into the digital dimension with cyber-tastic illustrations by Alex Rus in a true celebration of URL creativity. 

11 May 2020