8 August 2022

Ottessa Moshfegh is Depop’s latest celebrity seller

The author of 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' has swapped books for "vintage headstock lockets" which come with their own "blessings".

No, this isn’t a fever dream. Ottessa Moshfegh’s latest career diversion has brought her to Depop. Unfortunately, she isn’t selling ridiculously overpriced vintage “peng” Nike jumpers but wholesome “vintage deadstock lockets.”

The cult author is no stranger to the life of a Depop seller, as she set up her account during the first lockdown two years ago. During the infancy of her time on the app, she started by selling outfits from photoshoots and book readings before finding her lane with  jewellery.

According to Moshfegh, each locket “comes with a blessing inside.” TikTok girlies have been sharing the messages of affirmation tucked in with their pendants, with a couple of personal favourites being “May you be brave and strong” and “I am my own hero.” The lockets are priced between $30-$40, but some bad news for those outside of the US, the writer won’t ship to you unless your order is over $100.

The writer-turned-seller has been promoting herself rather heavily on the app, too, with plenty of users online sharing their messages from the writer who’s not letting up on promoting her product. “Ottessa Moshfegh just messaged me on Depop asking me to buy her vintage charms??? This is actually real? What’s going on? Why does she need my money” wrote one somewhat confused Twitter user (we’d probably have the same reaction).

It seems the Eileen writer is in her sidequest era. In addition to her locket selling, she recently interviewed Brad Pitt for GQ ahead of the release of Bullet Train in a quirky rebranding which we can all get behind.

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