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The rising Spanish label to know inspired by 70s cinema

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Individualism, playful styling and youth culture is at the heart of Spanish project to follow, Outsiders Division. The off-beat brand was created by David Méndez Alonso in 2012,  with Alberto Perancho and Ales Gallifa later joining in 2017. “We celebrate the errors until we find beauty in them,” Méndez tells us. “Outsiders Division finds the best version of yourself, it’s for everybody.”

The Barcelona-based label’s most recent collection puts a punkish spin on Spaghetti Westerns, drawing on “low-key films from the 70-80s [and] filmed in south-Spain.” Iconic singer Patti Smith’s rock ‘n’ roll uniform has long served up sartorial inspiration too: “she denies being a muse and we appreciate that.” The future of fashion? “Anti-fashion!” 2019, when all old fashion rules go out the window (one resolution we’ll happily adhere to).


2 April 2019

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