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Painted Faces: an alt-art beauty story by Rankin and Marco Antonio

A beauty story as a painting.

Photographer Rankin together with the makeup artist Marco Antonio have created a collection of six images paying homage to some of the greatest artists from Edvard Munch to Shepard Fairey. Using unique techniques and vibrant colours, the captivating shoot is a charming look at the playful nature of makeup, and just how much experimenting you can do…

“The idea of using makeup as paint modifies and manipulates the way you would expect a beauty story to look like,” Marco Antonio explained. “The excessive use of textures and colours helps to create the subject from scratch and gives an illusion of looking at painting-like-photographs where the depth of field is almost gone. The strokes of makeup imitate the lines left by a brush enhancing, exaggerating and often blending model’s faces with the hair and the background itself.”

Click through the gallery below to take a look at the shoot, and follow Rankin on Instagram here and Marco Antonio here.

3 October 2019