Paul Klein on LANY’s therapeutic new album and the power of music

Taking down toxic masculinity one tear at a time, LANY frontman Paul Klein decided to use music as his expression and his therapy.

For the indie trio’s second album, Klein threw his whole self into the creation, writing for 50 days he had to keep his mind busy: he explained, “I needed to occupy every second of every day, so I threw myself into a studio every single day”. Breaking down on the side of the road one day, Paul explained that “After about 15 minutes of crying myself dry, I had this moment of clarity of realisation, like, ‘Paul, you do know you’re gonna be ok, you just can’t see it right now through the tears.’ And in that moment I knew exactly what I was gonna do was write a song called Through These Tears.’” Unafraid of proving his emotionality, the track became a pillar for the album, and Klein used his music to express and comprehend. Ready for the world to hear it all, LANY are ready for their second act, and so we caught up with the mind behind it to find out just how powerful music can be…

What inspired LANY’s new album?

Our music comes from a place of real experience and raw emotion. The plan was always to make a second album; I just didn’t think we’d make it this soon.

Did you find creating Thru These Tears a cathartic or therapeutic experience?

Yes, absolutely. The entire writing process and production of the album, Malibu Nights, was therapeutic.

When did you decide it was important to explore these themes?

It’s always important to listen to your heart and find a way to express or articulate your emotions.

How did it feel to create a new album in the industry at the moment?

Music is moving so fast. It’s important to not care about “fitting in.” The best thing you can have in 2018 as an artist is your own identity. We made the best LANY album of the year.

When did you know you wanted to work in music?

Probably when I was aged around 15 or 16.

What has been the greatest influence for you as a musician?

I hope this doesn’t sound sarcastic or dumb… But listening to music.


How have you found being a part of the creative pool in LA has influenced you?

It has probably had the most influence on me this year. I had the amazing privilege of getting into a room with different writers every day – trying things and exploring what worked and what didn’t.

What does music mean to you?

It’s one of my favourite things in the world.

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Do you have a style icon?

There isn’t one specifically that i look up to more than another. I’d say i probably care most about cool people on instagram that I don’t know even personally. I’ll just follow because I love what they wear and it inspires me.

What five albums would you take to a desert island?

Continuum by John Mayer. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean. The 1975 by the 1975. Nothing Was the Same (deluxe) by Drake. Battle Studies by John Mayer.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

I’d love to write a song with Ed Sheeran.

What’s next for you?

More music. More doing what I love. Happiness.

Follow Paul Klein on Instagram here. LANY’s latest track ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore’ is available here and their album ‘Malibu Nights’ is out October 5th. LANY will also headline the O2 Kentish Town Forum on October 8th.

6 September 2018