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Paul McCartney has curated an exhibition of his late wife Linda’s photographs

Offering an intimate look into the life of their family.

The Linda McCartney Retrospective will be the first UK retrospective of the late photographer. Linda McCartney photographed some of rock-and-roll’s biggest legends, she married Paul McCartney in 1969 while he was still the bassist in the Beatles.

Curated by Paul and their two daughters, Mary and Stella McCartney, the show brings together dozens of Linda’s photos, including never seen before archive content, personal shots of her home life with Paul, famous portraits from her time photographing rock icons in the 60s, personal magazine collection and even her diary from the 1960s.

The show will make its debut at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery on July 5, after a whirlwind of stops at Vienna, Montpellier and Seoul.

Linda died from breast cancer in April 1998.

In a rare statement accompanying the show, daughter and famous designer Stella said “through these images you meet the real mother I knew, You see her raw and deep talent and passion for her art, photography. Ahead of her time on every level, this mother of four still held her camera close like a companion, she captures the world around her through her eyes and this can be seen on the walls around the exhibition.”

28 June 2019