15 November 2023

Photographer Si Melber explores materialistic mayhem in this fashion editorial 

Model and stylist, Milo Marriott, has joined forces with photographer Si Melber to invite us into a world where perfection and realness are blurred. Through mixing elements of high fashion and deconstructed streetwear, the model's body speaks for itself. Acting as an extension of themselves, the garments express an unleashed rebellious nature...

Model wears dress by Emilio De La Morena via MY Wardrobe, HQ bag by Vivienne Westwood and shoes Vintage.

Model wears top vintage, trench coat by Burberry via MY Wardrobe, HQ Trousers by Steven Miesel - Zara collection and shoes by EYTYS.

Model wears necklace by ELJAE, top by Gucci, shorts by Simone Wild and shoes by Vivienne Westwood.

Model wears jumper by PORTS 1961 via MY Wardrobe, HQ Dress by A-Jane and Shoes stylists own.

Model wears dress by Ana Sekularac and shoes stylists own

Model wears top by Vaquera and shoes by Hunter.

Model wears sleeves by Simone Wild, top by Simone Wild, shorts by Christina Seewald and socks by Simone Wild.

Model wears coat vintage, Bodysuit by Burberry, and shoes vintage.

  • Art Director and Producer Si Melber and Milo Marriott
  • Photographer Si Melber
  • Stylist Milo Marriott
  • Hair and Makeup John Christopher
  • Videographer Mandy Liddell
  • Model Milo Marriott

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